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photoOur unique process utilizes either a cold or a hot water wash, depending on your specific cleaning needs.


Window Cleaning


photoWashed and sqeegeed clean, we'll leave your windows beautifully clean and 'spotless' - really.

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photoWe remove the debris that leads to plugged gutters and ensure that the downspouts are open.


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Welcome to Spotless Window & Deck Cleaning

Deck Cleaning


You don't have to replace your deck just because the appearance of the wood has diminished. A properly washed and sealed deck may be all that is needed to restore the wood to a "like new" appearance.

Although many people have attempted to clean their decks with their own pressure washer, our extensive experience will ensure that your deck is cleaned with the best cleaning products and the correct psi to avoid any damage to the wood that is sometimes caused by DIY pressure washing.

Spotless' deck cleaning process takes several days to completely restore the beauty of your deck.

Day 1 is cleaning day. Using the proper pressure washing equipment and the correct psi we begin cleaning your deck the first day, which includes the floor, spindles, and steps.

Day 2 is staining/sealing day. After your deck has dried completely after the cleaning process, we will then apply the sealant. Applying the wood sealer evenly to a clean surface is very important and must be done with care to avoid streaks, runs, or spots.

Day 3 is drying day. Once your deck has been sealed, it's best to allow the wood to dry for a full day to allow the sealant to be absorbed to ensure that your deck develops the ultimate sealing protection.

It takes time, patience and a lot of skill to restore your deck so it not only looks great but stands up to weather elements like rain, snow and sun. So having the job done right is important to the life and appearance of your deck. Give us a call, we'll treat your deck right.



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