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Yes, gutters are designed to channel the roof water run-off away from the foundation. Clogged gutters can lead to water drainage problems and rain water overflow. Water overflow onto the roof area can cause leaks into the house and eventually into the basement. Additionally, during the winter months, if water is not drained out of the gutter ice will accumulate creating excess weight and potentially causing the gutter to pull away from the house. Ice accumulation is equally detrimental in the spring. As the ice begins to thaw and turn to water, the overflow may leak into roof line and into the adjacent ceiling on the inside of the house.

No, Spotless uses a “high volume, low pressure” (HVLP) sprayer, and any exposed surface area in proximity to the spray area is masked and covered with plastic.

According to the siding manufacturers warranty - siding should be cleaned annually. However, since very few homeowners invoke the siding warranty, cleaning frequency of your vinyl or aluminum siding is dependant on the surrounding conditions. For example, homes located near wooded lots are subject to mold growth and homes located on a main road are subject to excessive dirt accumulation. We recommend that homes in these types of locations be cleaned annually. Other homes that are not located near woods or high traffic areas, we advise a simple visual analysis. We suggest that the homeowner compare the appearance of their siding before and after we clean it, then as it starts to look dirty give us a call. Generally, homes in average locations will typically need cleaned every two to three years.

Because of the extreme weather fluctuations here in Ohio, manufacturers have advised us to ignore their acclaimed manufacturer’s warranties. Normal wear and tear on a deck would require cleaning and sealing every two to three years. However, if your deck is located near a wooded lot, is subject to extreme all day sun, or is subject to wear and tear from pets, etc., cleaning and sealing is recommended every one or two years. At this rate, usually only the flat surfaces have to be cleaned and sealed; spindles and vertical surface areas don't need to be cleaned and sealed as often.

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